Monday, May 29, 2006

Strengthened Parent & Child Relationships

Home-schooling has many benefits

Home-schooling allows kids to relate to adults better, especially their parents. Being with my mom all day, and learning through her and my dad shows me more and more that I can trust them and that they want to be my friends.


I've certainly observed this gratitude that children have for their parents in the teen homeschooling population. The teens that I work with never seem to mind having their moms around. In fact, they seem to enjoy it!

One mother commented to me last week that she thinks that the more time parents spend with their kids, the more their kids are going to spend time with them later in life. I think she's onto something!

Often times I feel that my students appreciate what I'm there for as well. There's a mutual understanding that we're both there to learn together. Rarely do I feel a personal divide between us because I'm an "adult" and they're a "teen." We're all people -- growing and learning together.



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