Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's all about Saturday morning radio!

Kid Rock: WAWL's "Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl" is a healthy part of a balanced musical breakfast.

It’s Saturday morning. An energetic DJ busts out an emphatic, “It’s time to get all that energy out! Get up and dance around.” He then spins some Ramones, some They Might Be Giants and even some beat poetry set to wind instruments. The beats span decades and genres, with well-known tracks that I can’t help but belt out. There’s a heavy rotation of original new artists, most with an ethereal, lo-fi sound.

Oh yeah, and it’s a radio show for second graders.


Having enjoyed college radio for a long time, I'll have to tune into WAWL this Saturday.

This show is billed as educational by giving interesting insights into music as well as the content of the music. More importantly, I suspect that listening to radio helps to build listening & attention skills over all.

Happy listening,



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