Sunday, September 04, 2005

Opting to Homeschool

Home Schooling Survives Oppostion as Growing Numbers Opt In

"[A]nother major factor contributing to the rise of home education, the HSLDA president contends, is parents' reactions to negativity in many public school settings. 'We're getting a lot more folks that are pulling kids out of public school,' he says. 'Our applications are showing that we're getting tons of folks who are not going to send their children back to public education. Now, they don't indicate necessarily that they're dissatisfied; but we know that if they were satisfied they'd be leaving them there in that public school setting.'

For many parents, Smith says, the reason 'could be academics, it could be the children are being hazed or teased, or it could be problem with a teacher. There's just a myriad of issues.' But in large part, the home-education advocate adds, the phenomenal growth of the movement is due to the fact that more people are now becoming aware of and familiar with home schooling and are realizing that it is a choice available to them."


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