Thursday, June 16, 2005

Go Out and Play

Author worries that 'nature-deficit disorder' in kids can lead to problems for body and soul

"Mintz acknowledges the environment in which kids are growing up has changed, as has our notion of childhood - a view captured in the title of his book, a lament about the disappearance of the Huck Finn-style childhood.

'The older notion of childhood in America was it should be a moratorium from the responsibilities of adulthood, that childhood is at best, a time of risk, experimentation and freedom,' Mintz says.

Now, childhood is overshadowed by adulthood aspirations - a time to hone skills and talents that carry children into and through their futures. Schools are rigorous, homework is demanding and whatever time is left over is scheduled to the minute."


Kudos to Mintz for saying it better than I could, "
Childhood is at best, a time of risk, experimentation and freedom." I am certainly in agreement with Mintz's view of childhood, however I also agree with Louv that outside play is an important part of development.



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