Monday, May 30, 2005

Everything Bad is Good for You

Pop Culture Is...Nourishing

Everything Bad is one of those books that you feel a bit suspicious of because it tells the lazy man what he is glad to hear. (Here’s the classic in that particular genre.) If you are a parent, you know all too well that preventing kids from spending every minute of their free time in front of a flickering screen (computer or TV) demands constant vigilance and effort. A lot of people will take Steven Johnson’s message as: “Hey, you don’t have to bother!” In fact he is much more thoughtful than that, and wants kids to do some book reading in among their gaming and TV-watching.


At first, I too was skeptical of this new title. Promoting TV and video games as educational and enhancing cognitive ability seems counter intuitive to other findings.

After reading "Endangered Minds" I was convinced that over exposure to television, computers, and video game systems was harming today's youths. However, I was not convinced that an hour of gaming per day was going to poison any child. It appears that,just like with sun exposure and nutrition, moderation and balance is just as important to cognitive development.



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