Saturday, May 14, 2005

Public School Monopoly

Determining the Legal Requirements for Homeschool in Your Area

"One area in which government could be a great help to homeschoolers is by the creation of vouchers or tax credits for homeschoolers. As a homeschooler, you are responsible for all the costs associated with educating your children. And, assuming you pay the taxes that support public education in your area, you also "pay" for public education services that you don't use.

Vouchers tend to be very controversial because they threaten the public education system's monopoly and all that that monopoly engenders.

Although vouchers aren't currently being contemplated for homeschoolers, they are still an important topic for us as well. That's because any effort to loosen the grip that government has over the mandatory direction of tax dollars to public education services that we don't use will eventually be beneficial to us as well.

It doesn't seem unreasonable to me that those of us who take the responsibility of our children's education should somehow be able to recover some portion of our taxes that we pay to support public education. A tax credit system would enable us to do so."


The thought that "vouchers aren't currently being contemplated for homeschoolers" is quite disturbing to me. Homeschoolers have chosen to dedicate the majority of their waking lives educating their children. By prioritizing their child's education, they have taken a lifestyle pay-cut.

As it stands, instead of being able to use their own limited resources for books, classes, and field trips, by law, they are forced to pay for someone else's education in a system that they don't believe works.

With the numbers of homeschoolers increasing each year, change is on the cusp. It is time that families put themselves first.